One of the most annoying necessities while attending the annual Burning Man Festival held each August - 120 Miles outside Reno, NV is standing in line for ice @ Camp Artica. Ice and Ice Cream is proud to be Black Rock Cities premier ice manufacturing & delivery company. We are committed to delivering quality frozen water with exceptional service. Whether you need one bag for your cooler, a mini trailer or pallets delivered for your Playa Party, Ice & Ice Cream can accommodate your needs.

Welcome to Ice and Ice Cream - Your One Stop Shop For All Things * ICE & ICE CREAM TREATS *

How many times have you wanted a shaved ice or ice cream treat while walking the streets of BRC?  Ice & Ice cream is here to fill that void. in addition to our daily deliveries to Theme Camps, Parties & Art Projects, our Trucks will be meandering thru the city playing that all to familiar Ice Cream Man tune. Nothing beats the heat of the Playa like a shaved ice, ice cream sandwich, cone, cup or a hot fudge sundae. Look & Listen for our roving fleet of Ice Cream trucks along the Esplanade and all BRC Streets in between.  You can also enjoy your favorite frozen treat while jamming to Techno Beats @ the 24-hour Cold Zone; BRC's Hottest/Coldest Chill Space - located just behind Center Camp.

"We got your Ice - whether you need 1-Bag or 100-Bags - Crushed / Block / Dry or some favorite Ice Cream Treats; we can get it to you & for you.", says ScottoBobScotto, CEO of Ice and Ice Cream. "Our ice products are so cold they last on average 54 seconds longer than the leading national brand ice; we think of these things so you don’t have to.", continues ScottoBobScotto.